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Osama Bilal

Assistant Professor

Campus Location: United Technologies Building, Rm. 378

Tel: TBD
Fax: (860)486-5088

Personal Website: http://www.orbilal.com/

Short Bio:

Osama is interested in designing intelligent, autonomous and multifunctional structures and materials through understanding of correlations between geometry, symmetry, periodicity and mechanical properties. His research interests spans dynamics of structures and materials, acoustic metamaterials, soft robotics, additive manufacturing, origami, topology optimization, haptics and fluid-structure interaction. The research combines theory, numerical simulations and experiments spanning micro and macro scales. Osama received his training at Caltech, ETH Zurich, CU-Boulder and Cairo University in aerospace and mechanical engineering, computer science and condensed matter physics. His research is published in multidisciplinary outlets such as Nature, the National Academy of Sciences, Physical Review Letters, Advanced Materials, etc. His work is highlighted in national and international media, including MSNBC, ABC news, Yahoo, Science Daily, CBC and Physics Today among others. He is awarded a few patents and is recognized by several awards including the ARL postdoctoral fellowship (Army), ETH postdoctoral fellowship (ETH), the Graduate Student Service Award (CU-Boulder), the International Student Award (CU-Boulder), the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award (CU-Boulder) and the Phononics Fellowship (National Science Foundation), among others.

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