Composites Engineering Certificate

Reinforce Your Career with a Composites Engineering Certificate – Online & Distance Learning

In response to an increasing need for the training and development of workforce in formal composites education, companies are looking to fill positions with qualified candidates trained in composites engineering.

The program is focused on fundamentals combined with practical skills and hands-on exercises.

The Composites Engineering Certificate will allow you to:

  • Predict the deformation response of composite materials using micromechanics and classical lamination plate theory (CLPT).
  • Evaluate various construction methods (laminated, sandwich, skin and stringer, 3D fabric architectures) and select the appropriate method for a given application.
  • Characterize composite constituent properties and structural behavior and correlate these properties to design analysis.
  • Select a material set, process method, and tooling approach for a given application and identify key process inputs and outputs to create a monitoring plan to ensure part quality.
  • Predict manufacturing-induced defects in a composite part and perform multi-scale progressive damage and failure analysis of composite structures using engineering software.

All students apply and are admitted to the UConn Graduate School. Credits earned within the certificate can be applied towards a Master of Engineering (MENG).  Please contact the UConn School of Engineering Professional Education Office for additional information about the certificate-to-MENG Plan of Study at 

Click HERE to view the Composites Engineering Certificate Plan of Study