Student News

Student News

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  •   Rufat Kulakhmetov to Attend 2013 NASA Academy
  •  Joseph Mummert a NSF Grad Honorable Mention

Mechanical Engineering junior Rufat Kulakhmetov, has been selected one of just 15 students nationwide to participate in the 2013 NASA Propulsion Academy located at the Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL.  The 10-week, residential summer research and educational experience is reserved for top students interested in propulsion and is a pipeline intended to prepare young professionals for employment in aerospace positions. As an intern, Rufat will work on a four-person team under the guidance of propulsion engineers at Marshall, local commercial entities, and local universities. A New England Scholar, Rufat currently works in the Combustion and Gas Dynamics Laboratory (adv.: Mike Renfro).

M.S. degree candidate Joseph Mummert (Mechanical Engineering) received an honorable mention for his submission for a 2013 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.  Joseph is advised by Dr. Wei Sun, with whom he expects to launch a business, ValveFix, LLC, in the future. ValveFix designs, manufactures and distributes an FDA-approved, durable tissue heart valve for young and old patients that eliminates the need for repeat open-heart surgeries and requires no anti-coagulation drugs. The valve relies on a patented, biocompatible, coated valve that offers superior structural stability and anti-calcification.

Published on: Apr 25, 2013


Published: April 25, 2013

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