From Many-Body Quantum Systems to Classical Fluids: Quantum- Ready and Quantum-Inspired CFD

Speaker: Dr. Peyman Givi - University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Date: Oct 14, 2022; Time: 2:30 PM Location: UTEB 150

Abstract: Within the past decade, significant progress has been made in using quantum computing (QC)  for solving classical problems. In this talk, an overview is made of the ways by which QC has shown promise for fluid dynamics and combustion research. This is via both quantum-ready and quantum-inspired algorithms. The former deals with problems that either have the potentials to benefit from quantum speed-up on universal gate-based digital computers, or those that can be solved on quantum simulators. The latter deals with new classical algorithms that have emerged from many-body quantum physics.

Biographical Sketch: Dr. Peyman Givi is Distinguished Professor and James T. MacLeod Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. Previously he held the position of University at Buffalo Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering. He received Ph.D. from the Carnegie- Mellon University (PA), and BE from the Youngstown State University (OH).


Published: September 30, 2022

Categories: Past Seminars

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