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Our department has much to offer corporate partners, from our state of the art research facilities to the strong foundation of intellectual capital found in our faculty, researchers, and graduate and undergraduate students. The department thrives through partnerships with industrial associates, and we invite you to be in touch to learn more about partnership opportunities.

Recruit: Many corporations find that the Senior Design program provides an ideal opportunity to meet top students on campus and introduce them to their company. Please be in touch with Prof. Baki Cetegen , Department Head, to inquire about recruitment.

Research: Sponsored research projects with the Department of Mechanical Engineering allow companies to target a problem and deploy the facilities and brain power of our department to solve it. Please explore our Research pages to learn about our areas of faculty expertise. Our directory of Faculty is also available for additional information.

Recent Corporate Partners:

Aerogel Composites, LLC



Dr. Dennis Flanagan

Electric Boat

General Electric

Gerber Scientific, Inc.

Gerber Technology


Jacobs Vehicle Systems

Miracle Industries


Otis Elevator

Pioneer Aerospace

Pitney Bowes

Pratt and Whitney

Proton Energy Systems

Rogers Corporation

Siemon Company

Sikorsky Aircraft

Solar Dynamics

Stanley Tools

Sulzer Hexis, Ltd.




US Surgical

UTC Aerospace

UTC Fuel Cells

UTC Power