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Huber, Martin
Title: Assistant Professor-In-Residence
Highest Degree: Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 2022
E-Mail: martin.huber@uconn.edu

Professor Huber joined the University of Connecticut in the Fall of 2022 as an Assistant Professor-in-Residence in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He received his B.S. (2007), M.S. (2010) and Ph.D. (2022) from the University of Connecticut. His interests include computational design, mechatronics and mechanical systems, and human motion analysis.

Keywords: bio-engineering applications, computational design, Current, machine systems, mechatronics

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Chengyu Cao
Title: Associate Professor
Highest Degree: Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2004
E-Mail: chengyu.cao@uconn.edu

Dr. Chengyu Cao joined the Mechanical Engineering Department in 2008. Prior to that, he was a research scientist in the Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2004. He earned his B.S. degree in […]

Keywords: adaptive and unmanned systems, controls, Current, dynamics, Dynamics, Sensing and Control, mechatronics

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